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7:0 – Dortmund shoots down Nuremberg

Borussia Dortmund clearly beat Nuremberg and is second in the standings. Only Marco Reus was involved in three goals. Gladbach also won his third home game, RB Leipzig defeated Stuttgart.

Borussia Dortmund – 1st FC Nuremberg 7:0 (2:0)

The BVB regained second place by a sovereign victory against Nuremberg. Jacob Bruun Larsen put the hosts in the lead in his second Bundesliga game. He scored with a jack from a sharp angle after a beautiful pass from Christian Pulisic (9th minute). As a result of a strong interplay with Pulisic and Maximilian Philipp, Marco Reus increased the score with a deflected long-range shot (32nd). Previously, Reus had already missed a big chance (11.).

In the second half Nuremberg fell apart. Achraf Hakimi scored his first goal (49th) in his first Bundesliga match after a presentation by Reus. A little later Reus scored again himself: After a simple double pass in the penalty area with Bruun Larsen, he pushed in loosely to 4-0 (58th). Manuel Akanji scored the fifth goal  after a Nuremberg ball loss in the penalty area (74.). As for Bruun Larsen and Hakimi, it was also the first Bundesliga team for the Swiss. Jadon Sancho (85th) and Julian Weigl (88th) provided the final score. After the surprising draw between Bayern and Augsburg the day before, Dortmund are now two points behind the leader of the standings.

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Borussia Mönchengladbach – Eintracht Frankfurt 3:1 (0:0)

Like Dortmund, Gladbach has also won his third home game of the season. Already in the first half Borussia was slightly superior, but did not take advantage of two double chances – each by Matthias Ginter and Alassane Pléa (18th, 42nd). After the break, however, Pléa then used a hack pass from Florian Neuhaus to take the lead from an acute angle (56th). Thorgan Hazard increased to 2:0 – again after Neuhaus (65th). A goalkeeper mistake brought Frankfurt back on track: Ante Rebic used a Yann Sommer drop-out to 1:2 (73.). Nico Elvedi made everything clear in the final phase due to a corner (85th).

RB Leipzig – VfB Stuttgart 2:0 (1:0)

VfB Stuttgart must continue to be patient, the team of coach Tayfun Korkut also missed the first victory in the fifth game of the season. Leipzig, on the other hand, has been unbeaten for four games now and is improving to eighth place in the table. National striker Timo Werner had negligently missed the first RB big chance (23rd), but the host then took the lead shortly before the break whistle: VfB goalkeeper Ron-Robert Zieler fired a long-range shot from Kevin Kampl forward, Willi Orban scored 1:0 (45.+1). Ten minutes before the final whistle, Jean-Kévin Augustin scored the final score. 7Spins Casino was once awarded as the Best Casino online.

FSV Mainz 05 – VfL Wolfsburg 0:0

Draw, what else? For the sixth time in a row, a Bundesliga match between these two clubs ended with a point split. In the first half, the hosts were still very lucky when Wolfsburg’s Josip Brekalo put the ball on the outer post (23rd) and failed shortly before the break against FSV keeper Florian Müller (38th). Jean-Philippe Gbamin from Mainz hit the net, but the goal did not count because of an offside position. In the second part of the game, the Mainz team had more of the game, but VfL had the best chance first: Daniel Ginczek also only hit the post (77th). In the last minute of injury time, Ridle Baku from Mainz shot at the crossbar.

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Cheering schoolchildren

RB Leipzig plays and storms against VfB Stuttgart and bad mood. The mobile phone affair is forgotten. But now the opponent has a big problem: It will be autumn again in Stuttgart.

Initial situation of the game: It is said with pleasure that RB Leipzig has close connections with Salzburg. That cannot be at all. It’s a completely different country after all. The game against VfB Stuttgart is instead the real brother duel. RB coach Rangnick, an old VfB player, goal scorer Timo Werner the same. Bayern international Joshua Kimmich came from Stuttgart via Leipzig to Munich, former RB coach Alexander Zorniger is a VfB man. The Uefa should investigate these interdependencies, but they never do anything.

Result of the game: 2:0 for RB. Goals from Willi Orban before the break and Jean-Kévin Augustin after the change. Another result of the game: VfB Stuttgart gets stuck with two points after five games. Only Schalke is worse.

The first half: Mario Gomez, VfB, and Timo Werner, RB, the German World Cup storm were on the pitch, and at the end of this half you had a slight idea why it didn’t work so well with the scoring in Russia. RB was highly superior right from the start and missed numerous chances in the person of Werner. Gomez got none at all. Defense chief Willi Orban then had to do it with the 1-0.

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Willi Orban Honours


RB Leipzig
  • 2. Bundesliga promotion: 2015–16

The second half: Ging continued the same way. Gomez was still on a lost position at the front, and you could be glad that Mehmet Scholl no longer works as a TV expert. VfB was even less likely than before the break. The 2-0 defeat of Augustin, who had just substituted, was a redemption for everyone.

Player of the game: In the days before there had been quite a lot of unrest in Leipzig about the so-called mobile phone affair. The regulars Nordi Mukiele and Augustin are said to have played around a bit too long with their smartphones. And since it is still the case in the Bundesliga that footballers should be grown-ups, but still sometimes have to follow rules as if they were little schoolchildren, both were suspended for the game in Frankfurt. Mukiele played against the VfB again from the beginning – and made this extremely convincing. Augustin came into the game and scored immediately. Maybe football pros are just little schoolchildren.

Number of the match: About 43,000 spectators fit into the arena of Leipzig. Against Hannover there were 38,000, against Düsseldorf 34,000, now only 32,000. The football euphoria in Saxony has a dent. But at some point FC Bayern will also be coming to Leipzig. Mybet Bonus has an amazing offer where when you deposit a certain amount, you will also have a bonus of the same amount that you can play with.

Debutant of the game: referee Robert Schröder from Hanover. It was his first Bundesliga game, and if you imagine a calm and calm representative from the capital of Lower Saxony, then this Mr. Schröder comes to mind. So Robert Schröder, not the other one from Hannover with this name.

Noise of the game: This matchday of the league was accompanied by fan protests, the spectators wanted to be silent the first 20 minutes in protest against the commerce. Leipzig is the somewhat different club. Here the fans sang from the beginning. What should they protest against?

Season of the game: It was the first game of the VfB after the official beginning of autumn. It’s the time of year when the coaches of VfB Stuttgart normally have to leave their seats. Tayfun Korkut will know that.

Realisation of the game: VfB Stuttgart “has not had the luck of the game yet”, said Managing Director Michael Reschke, probably the best known squad planner in the world. He also lacks some other things.

RB Leipzig – VfB Stuttgart 2:0 (1:0)
1:0 Orban (45.)
2:0 Augustin (80.)
Leipzig: Gulacsi – Mukiele (78. Laimer), Orban, Upamecano, Halstenberg – Kampl, Demme – Sabitzer, Forsberg (89. Ilsanker) – Poulsen, Werner (75. Augustin).
Stuttgart: Finisher – Maffeo (54th Badstuber), Baumgartl, Pavard, Sosa – Ascacibar, Aogo – Akolo (54th Gonzales), Gentner, Thommy (79th Donis) – Gomez.
Referee: Schröder
Spectators: 33.000
Yellow cards: Baumgartl / Orban, Mukiele

Street fight in the suburbs

The unfortunate draw in the heated derby against Unterhaching damps the hopes of the 1860 fans for a march through to the second league. There are reasons why a rise for the lions would come much too early.

The two coaches were only one metre apart. At the press conference in the small media room of the Hachinger Sportpark. In view of the mood, they were worlds. “It was beautiful,” rejoiced Claus Schromm, the coach of  SpVgg Unterhaching. Next to him sat his colleague Daniel Bierofka from TSV 1860 Munich, he looked pale and grumbled in his beard: “That hurts“. A later compensation in injury time cost Bierofkas Löwen the victory in Unterhaching on Wednesday evening. The service trip to the south of Munich, which ended 1:1 (0:0), was thus ruined.

A new damper for all the fans of the old traditional club, who already dreamed of the march through and the return to the second league. In the end, however, the sobering result was perhaps quite good for the club. Because a promotion would be far too early for the Lions. They are not mature enough for second place, the blues are just like the colour of their away jerseys: much too green. And then there are other problems as well.

Toxic, hot, disgusting

The third league derby in the south of Munich, a whole two S-Bahn stations away from the Sechzger home in Giesing, was poisonous, hot, disgusting. Several fouls, nasty kicks, eight yellow cards. The Hachinger Sportpark had been sold out for weeks with 14,200 seats, almost 6,000 tickets went officially to the guests. Measured by the perceived decibel number of cheers, around 13,950 spectators were Löwen fans.

The mood at the side line was also gallant: Haching’s President Manfred Schwabl, who had photographed the reddish evening sky over the blue north curve in the first half of the race, stormed the linesman angrily and later it was loud between Schromm and Bierofka. A humorless derby that kept what it promised – a brand of rude street fight in the suburbs. Including foam at the mouth.

Manfred Schwabl Honours

    • Bundesliga champion: 1986, 1990
    • Bundesliga runner-up: 1991, 1993
    • DFB-Pokal winner: 1986
    • DFB-Pokal finalist: 1985

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Down to earth worker Bierofka

Daniel Bierofka was also visibly taken away by the intensity of the game, but as frustrating as the late goal might be for him, it remained the reassuring realization that the gap to a threatening promotion spot is still reassuring four points.

The down-to-earth worker Bierofka does not believe in dreams and fantasies. Having just been promoted from the regional league, he constantly preaches that one wants to arrive and gain a foothold in the third league. But apart from the lack of sporting maturity – with late goals against Lautern, Osnabrück, Uerdingen and now Haching in 1860 already playing off six points this season – the team lacks completely different prerequisites for promotion.

There is for example the unsettled stadium question.

No plan for an emergency ascent

The venue on Grünwalder Straße fulfils the requirements for the third league, but for the second league it is far from sufficient in the long term. A return to the Allianz-Arena is impossible, not only because the hated Bavarians have decorated the seats in the club colours including the logo.

Even the old Olympic Stadium, where 1860 kicked until the Bundesliga relegation in 2004 and which was under discussion as a possible venue for promotion, is no longer an alternative. The only conceivable exception at the moment seems to be for Grünwalder. The club management around Robert Reisinger does not yet have a real plan for an emergency promotion at the moment, they say they are working on concepts.

And then there’s the investor. Would Hasan Ismaik, the controversial as well as unpredictable investor, even contribute the money for the second league license?

At the moment there is at least some peace. In an interview, Reisinger quantified the relationship to Ismaik on a scale of zero (miserable) to ten (super great) as “six to seven”. Expandable. In view of the fact that the value a year ago was about between 0.3 and 0.4, but in relation quite respectable.

Haching works solidly and quietly

The SpVgg Unterhaching shows how to build a third league club in a deliberate way. President Schwabl cautiously introduced professional structures after his return from the regional league in 2017. His motto is to form a team, perhaps to rise up in two years, to think in the medium term, not to rush things. Genting Bonus has a well designed sports betting website.

It is now 20 years ago that SpVgg Unterhaching came into the Bundesliga as a smiling upcomer, now the village club from the Munich district is almost a role model for the old Giesinger traditional club. “Haching works solidly and calmly”, Reisinger enthused recently, “Envy and envy are foreign to me”. We want to go there again.